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Choose Ripcord Skydivers and learn to skydive at our Drop Zone!


Here’s what makes Ripcord Skydivers Drop Zone uniquely different to others

  • We own our airport and aircraft.  This lowers our overheads and gives you the lowest rate possible.
  • You can jump either Tandem or Solo for your first time and for the same price.
  • We use outside videographers for your DVD/Video. This improves the overall production as the camera crew are totally focused on your video.  Most other places use a ‘Handycam’ Video camera which is strapped to the Tandem Master’s arm limiting the camera view.
  • You get to take-off and land at the same place. Your friends can see everything from your skydive preparation, the aircraft ride up to height, your exit and your landing.
  • You and your friends can enjoy a picnic at Ripcord Skydivers Drop Zone when you land.
  • Do your International Skydiving ‘A’ Licence (17 Jumps) with us and pay almost half the price as anywhere else.
  • Join our club and pay as little as $32 per jump…..Ask us how!
  • Only 50mins drive west of Brisbane or 40mins drive east of Toowoomba in the beautiful Lockyer Valley.
  • Regular public transport (bus) from Brisbane or Toowoomba to and from Ripcord Skydivers Drop Zone.  Book your bus trip with us!




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