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  • Standard Freefall A Licence Course

    The Standard Freefall A Licence course can be achieved within four good jumping days or you can take up to one year to complete your training.  It just depends on you and the time you have available.  Your Skydiving A Licence is internationally recognised and this will enable you to jump unassisted at Drop Zones all around the world.

    Once you have your Skydiving A Licence, you are welcome to join our Club for regular fun jumping, competitions or the latest skydiving discipline of introduction to wing suit flying.

    What is included in your training for a Standard Freefall A Licence?

    • Packages includes 17 jumps only
    • Full training and equipment provided
    • Study books
    • Log Book
    • Insurance (2 months)
    • 2 months membership to the APF (Australian Parachute Federation) – you need to be a member of the APF to jump!
    • Accommodation available nearby – showers, toilets, laundry, kitchen if required

    What is NOT included?

    • Any repeat jumps will cost you extra
    • Lost ripcords/handles
    • Lost log books
    • Alcohol and food not included in the price
    • If you haven’t jump within 90 days, retraining fees will apply


    $2,576 Backpacker Rates

    $3,546 Pay as you go 

    Price includes GST, all fees and surcharges.



    The Program – Standard Freefall A Licence Course

    2 Static line jumps – Maintaining body position and canopy control

    3 Static Line jumps – Practise Ripcord pull

    12 Solo Freefall jumps, body control, body awareness, height awareness, canopy control

    (JUMP #1)   $330

    (JUMP #2-16)  $189 per Jump

    (JUMP #17)   $295


    Click here for more information for an Accelerated Freefall A Licence Course
    Or contact us if you have any further queries

    Phone: (07) 3399 3552