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  • Solo Standard Freefall

    A Solo Standard Freefall jump is where the parachute is opened automatically after a short free fall decent of  between 3-6 seconds.

    It is a method of skydiving where the student exits the aircraft solo at 3,500ft in an ‘arching’ position. The student will experience a 3-6 second  free fall and this is enough time to experience the air pressure so the student becomes aware of his or her own body position until the full opening of the canopy . The main canopy is automatically activated via the static line.

    Once the parachute has opened you will have  a canopy ride of approximately 5minutes during which time you will have to physically steer and control your own parachute safely back to earth. You will be guided down by radio commands given by an instructor who is on the ground and who will be watching you until you land.

    You will eventually, after four more training jumps of pulling a dummy ripcord,  jump at higher altitudes to experience longer solo free falls under the direct supervision of an instructor and, of course, pull your own ripcord at your selected opening height.

    Maximum weight for a Solo Standard Freefall skydive is 135kgs.

    Price includes GST, all fees and surcharges.

    Click here for a solo Accelerated Freefall skydive.

    Feel free to contact us for more information